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Classic v-belt inquiry

Classic type of StarkLine® v-belts are produced as cogged belt for the better action on pulley. This cogged version provides better power transmission and allows for smaller pulleys. StarkLine® belts meet all relevant international standards: DIN 2215, BS3- 790, ISO4184.

Technical description:

section section size length range MDP** La Lp*
ZX 10x6 mm 700-40000 mm 40 mm Li+38 Li+22
AX 13x8 mm 700-40000 mm 63 mm Li+50 Li+30
BX 17x10 mm 700-40000 mm 90 mm Li+69 Li+40
CX 22x14 mm 1000-40000 mm 140 mm Li+88 Li+58
25X 25x16 mm 1000-40000 mm 180 mm Li+100 Li+61
DX 32x19 mm 1500-40000 mm 280 mm Li+126 Li+75
EX 40x25 mm 1500-40000 mm 400 mm Li+157 Li+80
20 (non-cogged) 20x12mm 1000-40000 mm 160 mm Li+79 Li+48

* Lp = Ld = Lw; **MPD = Minimum Pulley Diameter

If you would like to order StarkLine® v-belts with unique length please fill the inquiry form below.

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