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haul-off belts



Haul-off or caterpillar belts are designed for industrial machines that are pulling wires, cables and extruder units. As a base belt we can use endless flat belts, poly-v-belts or banded belts. The top cover is made of wear resistant Thermo Plastic Rubber or from Polyurethane. Depending on the specific application we can mill grooves on the belt to achieve better grip and guiding of the product.


Our haul-off belts are mostly non-standard. Each machine requires different technical specifications depending on pulled materials (wire, tube, cable, fibreglass, etc.) and their operational circumstances. We produce flat belts and poly-v belts with coating. We offer base material from TPR or PU possible with different coating and offering different shore hardnesses.


We offer PJ, PL, PM poly-v belts or smooth flat belts as base belt of Haul-off belts.


Length scale of Haul-off belts from 1000 to 30000 mm.


The top of Haul-off belt can be tailored with millings according to customer's specifications.

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