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hexagonal belts



Hexagonal belts are used for double-sided drive. These belts suitable for multiple pulleys with different direction of rotations. The hexagonal (or double-sided v-belts) has special construction as if two v-belts assembled back to back. These belts are known also as "serpentine" drives. StarkLine® HEXAGONAL belts can be adapted to the most industrial applications, as we are able to adjust them exactly to the required millimeters in length. Our hexagonal belts meets with the related standards. There are no MOQ so you can buy even only 1 belt in any size produced exactly to your machine. Please check the lengthrange and the maximum number of ribs below.


Hexagonal StarkLine® belts do not confine the machine into the limits of standard lengths. Moltech AH LTD is able to produce extreme long hexagonal belts for unique needs.


  • serpentine drive
  • limitless machine building
  • different direction drive
  • available with kevlar cords
  • anti-static
  • low temperature tolerance
  • resistant to water, oil and chemicals

StarkLine® hexagonal belts made as non-cogged belts.

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section section size length range
HAA 13x10 mm 1000-40000 mm
HBB 17x13 mm 1000-40000 mm
HCC 22x17 mm 1200-40000 mm
HDD 32x25 mm 1800-40000 mm
25x22 25x22 mm 1800-40000 mm
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