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poly-v belts



Poly-v belts combine the benefits of the flat and the wedge drive. Poly-v belts adhere to the largest surface on the pulley compared to the flat and v-belts, and they don't need special conical pulley, the ribs of the belt stabilize it laterally.  StarkLine® POLY-V belts can be adapted to the most industrial applications, as we are able to adjust them exactly to the required millimeter in length. Our poly-v belts meets with the related standards. There are no MOQ so you can buy even only 1 belt in any size produced exactly to your machine. Please check the length range and the maximum number of ribs below.


Poly-v StarkLine® belts are not made in sleeves. The length and the number of the ribs of them is unique, tailored to the machine..


  • good lateral stability
  • limitless machine building
  • available in PU version
  • available with kevlar cords
  • anti-static
  • low temperature tolerance
  • resistant to water, oil and chemicals

StarkLine® poly-v belts made as non-cogged belts.

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section pitch of the ribs maximumnumber of ribs length range
PJ 2,34 mm 64 750-40000 mm
PL 4,7 mm 30 800-40000 mm
PM 9,4 mm 19 1200-40000 mm
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