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Hexagonal belt inquiry

Hexagonal belts  have been developed for transmissions with more than two axels. Hexagonal belts are also called double (sided) belts. Typical drive element on serpentine drives and applications where the direction of rotation may change. Especially belt drives on agricultural machines like combine harvesters. Range of hexagonal belts meets all relevant international standards: ISO 5289, IS 11038, RMA IP 21. StarkLine® hexagonal belts made from TPR.

Technical description:

section section size length range MDP** La
HAA 13x10 mm 1000-40000 mm 80 mm Li+63
HBB 17x13 mm 1000-40000 mm 125 mm Li+82
HCC 22x17 mm 1200-40000 mm 224 mm Li+107
HDD 32x25 mm 1800-40000 mm 355 mm Li+157
25X22 25X22 mm 1800-40000 mm 280 mm Li+139

* Le = size included in the register; **MPD = Minimum Pulley Diameter

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