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Roller 50 mm tube diameter (Stainless Steel), 300 mm Installation lenth, driven roller with sprocket 08B1

€ 69.45 (€ 69.45 + VAT)
Manufacturer article number: M0688500
Model: M0688500
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StarkLine - ROLLER
Installation size: B=300 mm
Tube diamater: D=50x1,5 mm
Tube length: B1=241 mm
Tube material: Stainless Steel
Shaft diameter: d=12 mm
Shaft length: B0=299 mm
Shaft material: Stainless Steel
Shaft ends I-II.: Int. Thread M8x15 mm
Bearing I.: POM housing, 6202 SS bearing
Bearing II.:Friction Drive 2x08B1 Z14 plastic sprocket, 6202 SS bearing
Maximum load capacity: 800 N/roller (~60 kg)

Product name: ROLLER T54 D050 B0300 d12 S05 FR RM

Product number: M0688500